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Name:Holmes/Watson slash fanworks
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Sherlock Holmes/John Watson slash community
Welcome! This is a community for fanfiction, fanart, icons, wallpapers, vids, and any other transformative work about or containing Holmes/Watson slash! We also welcome preslash, fanworks including other pairings as well as Holmes/Watson (threesomes and moresomes are also very welcome!), and queer gen stories (in which the relationship/sexual orientations of the characters is present, but is not the central focus of the story's action).

Be warned: many works posted to this community will be of an adult nature. Please heed age ratings and warnings, and read responsibly. Authors and reccers, please rate and warn responsibly!

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You may post recs or your own work, either under a cut or with a link to the work. You need a dreamwidth account to post to this community (there are dreamwidth codes available here), but you can comment using OpenID. You are welcome to link to fanworks hosted on LJ.

If you only have an LJ or another kind of blog and only want to read this community, but not post, you can friend/subscribe to our RSS feed.

Here's a sample fic posting template; it's not mandatory, but it's a guideline about the kind of information you should include when posting. For fanart and icons, you should give information about the size/number of art/icons, rather than a wordcount. Sample pictures are okay, but please post the bulk of your art/icons under a cut, out of consideration for other users.

Title: Holmes and Watson Love Each Other And Other People
Author(s): [personal profile] username/penname
Pairings: Holmes/Watson, Holmes/Lestrade, Holmes/Watson/Lestrade/Mrs. Hudson
Rating: NC-17 (or: adult)
Wordcount: 14,500 words
Spoilers: The Sign of Four ; Sherlock Holmes Is Gay And Fights Vampires With Dr. Watson (2009 movie)
Summary: When Lestrade catches Holmes and Watson in a compromising position, hilarious antics ensue!
Warnings: None (See below for more info about warnings, PLEASE READ)

Link to fic

tags to post will be: fic, Holmes/Watson, Holmes/Lestrade, Holmes/Watson/Lestrade/Mrs. Hudson

Warnings Policy

This community is serious about warnings. They are not very difficult or tiresome for authors to do, and they make the reading experience considerably more comfortable and happy for people who need them. Please ensure that any story, vid, art or rec you post here either has adequate warnings here or on the story/art/vid itself, preferably both. There are no set rules for what requires warnings and what does not; please always warn for rape, noncon, dubcon, child abuse, extreme violence etc., and otherwise use your own discretion. If there are no warnings, please don't skip the warnings bar: do as in the template above, so that readers know that there is nothing in the story that needs a warning. If you feel that a fanwork should warn for something that it does not, request it from the author, and, as a last resort, notify [personal profile] toft. The moderator reserves the right to ban people from posting who do not conform to the community warnings policy.

Here is a nifty piece of html you can use to put warnings under a highlight bar, so that you can give adequate warnings while helping people avoid spoilers if they want to.

<span style="color:gray; background:gray;" title="highlight to read warnings"> Here is where you put your warnings </span>

That's the end of the admin! Enjoy the community.

Further Reading on Holmes/Watson and Victorian Erotica:

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Almost all of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories are conveniently online, hosted by Project Gutenberg (scroll down to 'Doyle')

Dr. Kilmarnock's Obscure World of Victorian Erotica
The Pearl: real life Victorian porn, transcribed online. Warning, a lot of it contains graphic depictions of the forceful deflowering of very young girls.

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